Welcome to 13 Media Arts  – Professional video production and marketing support in Northamptonshire and beyond.

Media and Marketing support in the Midlands
Video production and more


Here at 13 Media we with you to help you achieve your marketing and content goals by bringing our experience to your table. While many business teams understand the need for strong content such as video and blogs many do not have the experience or training to produce them and even fewer have the time. We work with businesses during significant transition periods such as start-up, growth and sudden need for increased market presence, and help them reach the next stage of their development. Where other provide a single product or attempt to refer you to their own in-house portfolio, our aim is to simply to tell your story in the best, and most economically viable, way possible.

On site or off site but always working for you

Our flexible approach to marketing support means that while we can still provide a single hit production of support materials such as a blog or email design, we are often asked to act in a more regular supporting role. It is not uncommon for us to ‘parachute in’ in what is in effect a marketing manager, for a set period of time. One day a week for a few months may well be all a business needs to build a focused, marketing plan that will take them forward using their internal team. Recognising that and making that happen in a busy and often pressured environment are two very different things. That is where we come in. Whether we work in your office for a set period or we provide a specific set of services off-site our clients receive a considered, measured and appropriate response to their marketing needs.


Informal and relatable.

Like many industries, Media and Marketing is awash with buzz words, background technical information, and incomprehensible layers of jargon, that you simply do not need to bother with. We talk to you about goals and specific requirements as well as more esoteric notions of brand and narratives so that you are always fully aware of what we are doing and even more importantly why. We offer no pressure, never upsell and certainly do not provide anything that you do not need. Maybe that is why so many people find us easy to talk to. We do what we do because we want to see you succeed. Advice is free so why not call and tell us about your needs. If we can help we would love to be part of your next success and if are not for you, we will be the first to tell you.