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Professional video production in Northampton and beyond

Here at 13 Media Arts (13MA) we are committed to bringing you the best in Media production. Based in our multi-purpose studio which is conveniently situated in Daventry near Northampton we provide a solution to all your Audio and Video Production needs. You are at the heart of our business throughout Northamptonshire, and across the UK.

It is our aim to help you bring your story alive on screen through video production, or in the recording booth through our voice recording products. Through collaboration it is your own creative ideas that count. Your video and your audio are the most important things to us and our creativity is there to help you. Whatever you decide you need from us, you will be kept completely involved throughout the production process.

The people involved have all committed to a business model that guarantees you a service that will be:

  • Honest, open, fair
  • Priced to meet the needs of your business
  • Flexible and customer focused
  • Dedicated to quality over a quick buck
  • Professional and reliable

Our portfolio is wide ranging and the work you, the clients, have commissioned us to produce can be seen in the gallery. If you can’t see what you’re looking for contact us, you can almost guarantee we can provide it you, and if not we’ll know someone who can!

So Who Are We?

Kevin – The Creative One.

Kevin trained as a video producer and television writer. He taught screenwriting, audio and video production for many years and has been published as a television researcher. Oh, and he’s also been on and off stage as a singer and guitarist for more years than he cares to remember. These days as well as shooting and producing most of our video projects,  he spends his time writing and producing audio dramas, blogging, tweeting, and generally enjoying social media. He asked us to add that he’s also fond of wearing baseball boots – for which he refuses to apologise.

Darren – The Shiny One.

Darren is a natural performer and talented musician who has 35 years of performance under his belt. He’s an expert in logistics and facilities management and also knows his way around a mixing desk and recording studio. He can be found drumming with, discovering new musical talent (live and online), or making friends with musicians from around the world. Darren’s focus is live music and finding new projects for upcoming bands to participate in. (By the way, if you ever struggle to get on Darren’s bill – Bribe him with a Crunchie.)

13 Media Arts – Opening up new worlds for the world.



Video production is just the start. Here at 13MA we aim to offer a one-stop-shop for all your Media needs, whether you’re a small business, medium enterprise or large corporate we can help. We are particularly keen to work with start-up’s, charities and social enterprises. We have a range of partners, so if what you’re looking for isn’t on this list – just get in contact and we’re confident we can help you.

At 13MA we like to be a bit different, so not only do we offer these services to business clients, we also offer bespoke services to artists, musicians and bands.

If you would like further information about our Video Production services or any part of our portfolio please email us  or call us on 01327 437247 and we will be happy to help.

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