Our £120 video deal is perfect for Small Business.

The best option for introducing your business page.

redhead2For any business, a video is now probably a vital part of your marketing. The chances that you already have a website and your social media is all ‘boxed off’ and working but you now need to drive home your message.

A video is the solution.

The problem is that even a short video can put a real dent in your marketing budget and a home produced one is fine for quick messages but is just that, it’s home made.

Think about your business cards. If you wrote the information down on a scrap of paper and gave it to someone then it would basically perform the same function as a business card. So why don’t we all just do that and not have business cards? Because it doesn’t say ‘professional’.  Your video is the same. Yes, you can do your own, in fact, we encourage you to do so and even offer short, low-cost, one on one training to help you make better videos, but you probably should have at least one professionally produced video on your header page.

Just as importantly a video is the next best thing to a face-to-face meeting because you can tell your potential customer about a key product or service and encourage that first contact. Not only that but your viewer will be able to decide if you provide what they want easily and quickly through mobile devices pre-qualifying the contact and saving wasted time for everyone so you need it done right.

So you are now stuck between a rock and a hard place. You want to have a video and you want to talk to your customers but how do you get around the problem of the high cost of a professional production company?

Our £120 video deal is perfect for you. This video explains more and shows you what you can achieve for your @120.

Call the team on 01327437247 or 07783488635 for more details


redhead2In the next few months we will be launching a series of new packages specifically aimed at supporting SME’s particular industries. To facilitate the UK wide launch, we want to produce a series of ‘specific industry’ portfolio pieces that we can use to showcase the new packages. While we can’t do them for free we are offering a significant discount if you will help us get this new line of products off the ground.

In money terms that will be a location or studio shoot at our Daventry facility, fully produced and output to finished format video for between £ 100 and £ 350.


The only proviso is that these are only available to the following groups and they are limited in number to one per area. They must also ideally be filmed by the end of July:

• Venues and conference centres (including golf clubs, small hotels and so on) not part of a major chain.

Healthcare associated areas (Chiropractic, Dentistry and so on) 

• New product launches 

• Holiday homes, Caravan / Motor home suppliers (including re-fitters and similar), Holiday parks (again independent or small chain only), activity centres and specialist ‘holiday’ related areas.

High end Property sales or rental

• Specialist manufacturing or cutting edge electronics.

Sorry, but once each sector is covered, that’s it! no more at the low price.

In return for allowing us to use the final video in our upcoming promotions – and a follow up video testimonial – they will get a high quality, professionally produced video for their website or for general use. It will include editing, titles, music and so on and would normally be priced at a somewhere between of £450 – £800.

If you know of anyone who may be interested or are interested yourself get in touch on 01327 437247 or email us via

Considering a Crowdfunding project – Consider your video first

We are pretty busy here at 13 Media Arts as anyone who follows us on Twitter or Facebook will know. In the few days prior to writing this we have been shooting in the blazing sun, filming in the studio, recording amazing vocal talent, driving up and down the country and editing until the wee small hours. One of the projects we are currently involved in is a crowdfunding video.

How to choose a video production company – Tips you won’t usually hear

In continuing the spirit of honesty in these blogs the following is intended as a guide to choosing a video production company. As with a lot of industries video (and media production in the wider context) can be confusing from the outside but underneath the tech and the jargon there are some common sense things to look for. Unfortunately these kinds of blogs are prone to actually being ‘why you should choose us’ rather than a balanced guide. Hopefully I will avoid that, although obviously I will need to refer to our services as we go along. I have also included some suggested questions.

Let’s Celebrate… With Offers On Video Solutions And Rehearsal Room Hire!

To celebrate the opening of our new studio facility we are offering some great deals.

So You Think You Can Make Your Own Video? Well You Can.

Making video is child's play

As you may have noticed, we are not in the business of fancy language or hiding the truth here at 13 Media Arts.  So this is the honest response to one of the questions I get asked regularly…


“Can we just make our own video?”

Why video production matters – The importance of video on a website.

Caution – Rant ahead! 

I freely admit to being nosey. I know a lot of writers, video producers and musicians and most of them also admit to being nosey. When I say nosey I guess what I actually mean is I spend time people watching. If you want to make good video, write good dialogue or make good music, I think you need to be more than a little interested in people because they are usually the thing you are talking about.

So I am unashamedly nosey. It’s my job.

Occasionally this means I hear things that are so wrong that they make me want to stand up and shout. Of course I rarely do that because standing up and yelling at a complete stranger is fraught with danger. However I stand by my point. Let me give you an example…

It’s All In The Audio – Diary Of A Sound Man Part 1

I thought I would write a little blog. A sort of diary, showing you behind the scenes here at 13MA from the sound guy’s point of view. One of my jobs here is to be that guy on shoot for our video production jobs with the pole! But what do I write? What do people want to know? There are hundreds of audio blogs on the net talking about sound!

So I will start with why?

Music is my thing, being a drummer for many years, and getting the right sound has been all important to me. Recording musical instruments in different environments, trying to re-create that live sound fuelled my interest in audio recording. I am just as happy, probably more so, to listen to a radio play than watch a film. While watching a film I am listening more than viewing. Moving pictures mean very little to me without a really good audio package.

Saving Mr. Santa – Choosing The Right Characters For Your Video Production.

Writer typing scriptThere is an art to choosing the right characters for your production.

Characters are notoriously difficult to get right and very easy to get wrong. Without doubt however every drama writer will tell you that the reason they are so difficult is because they are probably the most important part of a story.

I genuinely believe that this ‘character first’ principle is true of all video productions. Fact, fiction, comedic or dramatic, I am happy to state that 99% of the time character is at the heart of the production. If you want your audience to stay with your video or audio production (and again, this is regardless of the subject) you need them to want to watch or hear it.

December Video Production Offer

Take advantage of our December Video Production Offer of £200


Video production Audio headset

This is an opportunity for you to have a high quality, high definition, professionally produced video for your website, lobby screen, or other promotional needs. As part of our remit to support small business, social enterprises and local charity groups we are offering part of our video production space to produce a short promo work at cost price.

The deal includes:

Writing for radio – More interviews from Treeline

Chris and Kevin discuss acting and writing for radio, the location of Treeline and underwear.

Listen to the sultry tones of actor Chris Burdett, and our creative Director Kevin Robinson discuss aspects of the latest audio drama production from 13MA.

Treeline will be available to the public soon – check back for updates on its release.