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Considering a Crowdfunding project – Consider your video first

We are pretty busy here at 13 Media Arts as anyone who follows us on Twitter or Facebook will know. In the few days prior to writing this we have been shooting in the blazing sun, filming in the studio, recording amazing vocal talent, driving up and down the country and editing until the wee small hours. One of the projects we are currently involved in is a crowdfunding video.

How to choose a video production company – Tips you won’t usually hear

In continuing the spirit of honesty in these blogs the following is intended as a guide to choosing a video production company. As with a lot of industries video (and media production in the wider context) can be confusing from the outside but underneath the tech and the jargon there are some common sense things to look for. Unfortunately these kinds of blogs are prone to actually being ‘why you should choose us’ rather than a balanced guide. Hopefully I will avoid that, although obviously I will need to refer to our services as we go along. I have also included some suggested questions.

So You Think You Can Make Your Own Video? Well You Can.

Making video is child's play

As you may have noticed, we are not in the business of fancy language or hiding the truth here at 13 Media Arts.  So this is the honest response to one of the questions I get asked regularly…


“Can we just make our own video?”

Why video production matters – The importance of video on a website.

Caution – Rant ahead! 

I freely admit to being nosey. I know a lot of writers, video producers and musicians and most of them also admit to being nosey. When I say nosey I guess what I actually mean is I spend time people watching. If you want to make good video, write good dialogue or make good music, I think you need to be more than a little interested in people because they are usually the thing you are talking about.

So I am unashamedly nosey. It’s my job.

Occasionally this means I hear things that are so wrong that they make me want to stand up and shout. Of course I rarely do that because standing up and yelling at a complete stranger is fraught with danger. However I stand by my point. Let me give you an example…