Video production and writing are just the start. Here at 13MA we aim to offer a one-stop-shop for all your marketing needs, whether you’re a small business, medium enterprise or large corporate we can help. We are particularly keen to work with start-up’s, charities and social enterprises. We have a range of partners, so if what you’re looking for isn’t on this list – just get in contact and we’re confident we can help you.

In-House services

There are a range of services that we can offer based on our own skill set and experience.

  • Marketing Solutions
    • Rationalisation – An outside eye to offer sensible and cost-effective solutions to make your own in-house marketing work. This service is perfect for SME businesses that have reached the stage where the marketing needs to be streamlined and placed on a firm ongoing footing.
    • Crisis Marketing Solutions – When a business has sudden need for a marketing solution but doesn’t have the skills or experience to get it in place it can seem like a huge burden. Before you hit the panic button and throw money at the problem, let us take a look and make a few suggestions that may produce your desired result with a lot less stress.
    • Site Based Solutions – The truth is that many expanding businesses find themselves in need of what is essentially a Marketing Manager but not for the full working week. Offsite agencies or passing the work to inexperienced people internally often isn’t the best solution. What you need is someone on site for a set day or set number of days for a fixed period to set things in motion and plan your marketing, then leave again once you are where you need to be.
    • Start up Package – Starting a business is hard and we want to help. We are happy to sit down and talk about your marketing needs if you are a start-up. If we are all happy to work with each other then we will set a fixed price to cover a full launch package for the first few months of our business. No huge up front cost, just a manageable monthly contract that means you will have an experienced marketer to help you get off the ground. Once you are running we leave you will an ongoing programme and the infrastructure to promote your business for the future. No running around from supplier to supplier and no worrying about effective marketing, leaving you to concentrate on your business.
    • Single promotions, campaigns or individual marketing asset production. Exactly what it says, just need a video or perhaps a handful of blogs for your website? No problem we can provide that for you.
  • Video Production
    • Product video
    • Advertising
    • Explainers
    • Corporate Introductions
    • Training video
  • Blog writing
  • Web Copy
  • Video And Sound Editing
  • YouTube Optimisation
  • Email Marketing Design
  • Podcasts and Audio Materials
  • Some Newsletters and Graphics

Collaborative Work

At 13MA we know when to call in the specialist and we are happy to work with both your existing marketing people or help you by calling on people who know and trust to meet your needs. We only charge for our time or services and all our partners are costed to you at the rate you would get direct. We can arrange:

  • Social Media Marketing
  • Photography
  • Advanced Graphic Design Work
  • Printed Materials from design to delivery
  • Website Design and creation
  • Business cards, logo design, stationary design and similar office needs

If you would like further information about our portfolio or services or any part of our portfolio please email us  or call us on 07783 488 635 and we will be happy to help.