13MA Studio

Recording Studio And Rehearsal Facility In Daventry

13 MA Studio LogoAcoustic GuitarHere at our purpose built studio we have a range of facilities and support for the media related arts. Naturally the most common use for our rehearsal room is as a venue for musicians to practice and perfect their art, but we are also happy to accommodate you if  you are looking for a great space in which to work on your craft. Our rooms would also be perfect for acting troops, community groups, photographers, film makers, writing circles, clubs, support groups and artists.

We have two rooms available one live open room which is perfect for band rehearsals and has a green wall for chroma key filming and one sound proofed and acoustically treated area suitable for acoustic instrument based work.

Whatever stage in your artistic development are are at, you can expect a warm welcome and our full support. 13 Media Studio is a  nurturing environment dedicated to creativity and development and being a place where artists can meet and collaborate regardless of their area.

Situated conveniently close enough to Daventry town centre to be easily reached but also far enough off the beaten track to provide a quiet location our studio is ideal for servicing Daventry and its surrounding areas.

Mixing Desk

If your music is ready to be unleashed into the wider world we are able to offer intimate and relaxing recording studio facilities and multi track mastering.

Possibly most importantly 13 Media Studio is a social enterprise which means we are dedicated to supporting young musicians and other artists. It is our mission to get you out of the conservatory, garage and echoing village halls and into  a professional environment where you can develop your art. We want you to take your music seriously and we offer the facilities to do so.

All our visitors have access to our ‘green room’ area where you can chill out in our mock roof garden and we also supply reasonably priced snacks and drinks. Supported by our social enterprise initiative, we can do so  at a reasonable price.


3 HOURS £20, 4 HOURS £25.

Other times available on request.


8 hour recording session £ 90

Solo Artists record one song £30

Music Video from £99

For more information why not call us and arrange for a no obligation no pressure look around our facilities, we will be glad to see you and discuss if we are the right place for you. For the moment though, take a look around our gallery and check out our current equipment listing.

13 Media Studio – Promoting creativity.